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The Maas at Dordrecht (circa 1650),

Cuyp, a Dutch painter, (1620 - 1695) was born in Dordrecht, Holland. He was  the only child of Jacob Cuyp, a painter of historic scenes and portraits, with whom he learned his art.

The work of Cuyp is particularly considered for its treatment of Hollands light and landscapes at dawn or twilight, but also for its sense of the composition. Cuyp developed a generous personal style. He is known for often representing richly colored humans and animals, and for the frequent use of a rich palette. His landscapes soak in a Mediterranean light, although he never went in Italy. His river views, show a virtuosity in the use of matt colors, which are associated with the Dutch landscapes.

After 1660, his financial situation being assured, his artistic production became more and more rare. His last known works date from 1665. Afterward, Albert Cuyp becomes a brewer, and it is rather by taste that he paints.
Albert Cuyp dies in November, 1691.

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