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Claude Verlinde est né un 24 juin

«Harlequin in the  box»  oil on panel

Claude Verlinde is a French artist, born in 1927, in Paris, of Flemish parents.

He is internationally recognized as a painter  in the register of fantasy, imagination, chimerical realism,  magic realism. His work shows an artistic lineage from Bruegel and Bosch to the surrealist and contemporary ''magic realists''.

His paintings are populated by hybrid creatures, women who transform into branches or roots, branches that become tentacles, half-animal beings evoking dreams and / or nightmares. These subjects which intrigue, question and sometimes frankly make people  smile, are treated with a rigorous technique and a meticulousness that recall the work of the old masters. His attention to detail, its appeal for grotesque or caricatured figures remind us of Flemish painters.

Close to the Renaissance, Verlinde has preserved the know-how of the ancients:  the smooth and meticulous execution, the oil, the canvas mounted on wood. In almost all of his paintings great importance is given to the textile material, such as veils, sheets, wedding dresses, knots.

Although Claude Verlinde has exhibited in France,  Brussels, the United States, Japan. and Montreal, his work, is shunned by the French museums.

Verlinde attracts a public that is definitely not Van Gogh, Picasso or the impressionists. In public sales, his paintings will fetch  prices of 6, 15 or 112 thousand euros. All this is far from approaching the astronomical sums reached by the stars of Chrystie's.

He is now recognized as a master of Visionary Art, an art based on a fusion of images and symbols. His Flemish origin may explain why his paintings reveal  the Flemish mystics and the Renaissance.

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Verlinde on You Tube

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