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Corno died on december 21st 2016

Corno is the pseudonym of Joanne Corneau, a Quebec artist from Chicoutimi, born on November 22, 1952. Corno died Wednesday at age 64.  The sister of writer and psychoanalyst Guy Corneau, was fighting a cancer of the throat. For a month, she had been in Mexico to receive treatments.

A graduate of the Fine Arts faculty of the University of Quebec in Montreal, Corno very soon began to work. In the late 1980s, she became the favorite artist of Montreal collectors and one of Quebec's most sought-after painters. Her reputation grew across Canada as well.

Corno moved to New York in 1991 where she landed, speaking no English, knowing nobody. For 25 years, she lived in this "Big Apple", which, according to her "is not as" glamorous" as one can imagine.

Her Neo-Expressionist style influenced by the masters of Pop Art marries detailed figurative elements and abstraction. Her canvas is built around colors, texture and movement. Loaded with energy, her works catch the eye of the spectator, stimulate his imagination while it destabilizes him.

Acclaimed worldwide, the demand for her works grew uncreasingly. The name Corno resonated internationally. In Hong Kong, Paris, London, Venice, Monaco, Seoul and Dubai, her talent offered large-format canvases of different parts of the human body.

Apart from several private collectors, corporate collections, her paintings can be found in many museums around the world.

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