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Frédéric Back was born on April 8th

Frédérick Back (1924 - 2013) is an internationally renowned painter, illustrator, muralist and filmmaker, best known for his film ''The man who planted trees.''
Back was born in Sankt Arnuald, in the suburbs of Sarrebrück, in the territory of the Saar then attached to France.

Back arrived in Montreal in 1948, where he taught at the Ecole du Meuble, where he succeeded Paul-Émile Borduas, and at the École des Beaux-Arts in Montreal where he met Alfred Pellan.
He joined the CBC in 1952 as an illustrator, creator of visual effects, sets and models for numerous cultural, educational and scientific programs.

In the 1960s, he made several stained glass windows for churches and public places, such as the Place-des-Arts metro station in Montreal in 1967, assisted by René Derouin.

From 1968 to 1993, as part of the Radio-Canada Animation Studio team, he created nine short films (which can be viewed on YouTube, see  below) as well as various special presentations for the programs of the society.

                Back's Filmography

Abracadabra 1970
The creation of birds, 1972
Inon or the conquest of fire, 1972
Illusions 1975
Taratata 1977
All Nothing 1978
Crack 1981
The man who planted trees, 1987
The river with great waters, 1993


See them all on You Tube


Interview with Back

Frédérick Back (1924 - 2013

Back's films have become classic. They are acclaimed on every continent. Many awards devote his talent. He is nominated four times at the Oscars for best animated film. He won the statuettes twice: the first for Crac and the second for The Man who planted trees. The film alone will win more than forty awards at film festivals around the world.

Gradually, in the 1970s,  Frédérick Back will lose the use of his right eye because of a chemical that he must atomise on his drawings. Although he underwent several operations, he never recovered his sight.

Frédéric Back died of cancer in Montreal, December 24, 2013. He was 89 years old. He said he made films to make people realize that our beautiful and fragile planet needs to be respected and taken care of.

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