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    Fritz Brandtner was born on July 28th

The potato pickers by: Fritz Brendtner

Born in Danzig, Germany  in 1896, Brandtner immigrated to Canada in 1928, settling first in Winnipeg and than in Montreal in 1934.

Fritz Brandtner was essentially a self-taught artist. Painter, draughtsman, muralist and teacher, Brandtner had profound social concerns which were visible not only in many of his artworks, but also in the very successful art programs «The Children’s Art Centre»  he created in 1936, for underprivileged children, with Dr. Norman Bethune and painter Marian Mildred Dale Scott.

A prolific artist, Brandtner worked in oils, watercolours, graphite, charcoal, mixed media, carved linoleum and encaustic.

Later,  over the next twenty years, Brandtner went on to teach in several schools and community organizations.

In both figurative and abstract work, his subjects were varied and included landscapes, cityscapes, portraits and anti¬war posters, as well as still lifes.
Brandtner died in Montreal  in 1969. He was 73.

On You Tube, I found no video on Brandtner. That saddened me. Brandtner contributed in a important way to the art heritage of Quebec. Then I found three short videos executed by children (I believe). These cartoon ─ executed within  a 4th year plastic art course,  a project called  " Entrer dans l'oeuvre d'art Canadien " of the Montreal Museum of Fine arts,  summer of  2013 ─ are inspired by woks of Fritz Brandtner. That made me a little less sad.

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