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Jan Brueghel the Elder known as Velvet Brueghel died on January 13

The Entry of the Animals into Noah's Ark - oil on panel - 1612

Jan Brueghel the Elder known as Velvet Brueghel, is a Flemish Baroque painter born in Antwerp in 1568.

Jan Brueghel the Elder has dealt with many genres including historical painting, still life flower, allegorical and mythological scenes, landscapes, marines, hunting scenes, battle, depictions of hell, etc. .

The Brueghel constitute a dynasty of Flemish painters. Jan I Brueghel will be nicknamed Velvet because of his exceptional mastery of fades and gradients. This know-how filled his paintings with a gentle and luminous harmony. He is one of the greatest landscapers and still lifes of the early 17th century.

Jan is the son of the eminent Flemish Renaissance painter Pieter Brueghel the Elder. He is a close friend of, and a regular collaborator of Rubens. The two artists were the main Flemish painters in the first three decades of the 17th century.

Jan Brueghel de Velours is the painter who best reflects the transition between Mannerism and Baroque. Its landscapes and its mythological or allegorical scenes conceal a sweet poetry foreign to Baroque realism. Its light and its colors are at the service of this poetry and induce a rather unreal atmosphere. His observation of nature is very precise, and one perceives, both in landscapes and in still-life flowers, a desire to reproduce detail, an extreme meticulousness in execution that does not belong to the Mannerist current.

He was the pupil of his grandmother, who took care of him on the death of his father. She teaches him the miniature and the watercolor, which allows him, no doubt, to obtain a delicacy, delicacy and fluidity special colors. He also worked with Peter de Goetking and gained a reputation as a painter of flowers and fruit. He adopts as his brother the spelling Breughel.

Jan Brueghel l'Ancien

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