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Marc Chagall was born on july 7th

The branch

Russian painter (naturalized French in 1937) and Jewish, Marc Chagal was born in 1887 in Vitebsk, Belarus.

His work is illuminated by memories of his childhood. It is a universe  bathed by the Hassidic tradition, that Chagall describes in his autobiography. It testifies also of the fascination for the farm animals  which he frequented  when he visited his grandfather's at Vitebsk, the young Chagall studied drawing and painting. But, dissatisfied with the teaching  he received, Chagall leaves to study in Saint-Petersburg. In 1910, a sponsor, offers him a grant to study in Paris.

In France, Chagall discovers Cézanne and the researches of the Cubist. He joins Sonia and Robert Delaunay and Juan Gris. He is interested by the birth of surrealism, but is soon disenchanted  by the hostility of the movement towards his mysticism.

At the request of Ambroise Vollard, the art dealer, he realizes several series of illustrations, for a book by Gogol, for «Les Fables de Lafontaine»  and for a Bible.

In 1941, Chagall and his family leave for New York. There, he  discovers color  lithography. He creates sets and theatrical costumes, for the ballet Aleko and for Stravinsky's  l'«Oiseau de feu.»

A retrospective of is work, at the  Musée National d'Art moderne de Paris in 1947, brings  Chagall back to  France, where he settles definitely in Saint-Paul of Vence.

From 1950 till 1969, his work takes a monumental dimension  as  he stats to work in  ceramic, sculpture, stained-glass window and mosaic.

Chagall is one of the best known artist of the XXth century with Picasso and Matisse. He is  also one of the most original and the most prolific painters.

Marc Chagall dies in Saint-Paul de Vence on April 1st 1985.

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