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Rodolphe Duguay was born on April 27th

Painting: Rodolphe Duguay

On April 27th, 1891, Rodolphe Duguay who was to become  a painter, an engraver and an illustrator, was born in Nicolet, Québec.
He worked in the studio of the painter Georges Delfosse. But it is the meeting with the painter Suzor Coté in January, 1918 that will mark him. In September, 1920, Duguay embarks for Europe. In September, 1924, he obtained the first grant  awarded to a painter by the government of Quebec.
Rodolphe Duguay died on August 25th, 1973. We can see his works at the Museum of Quebec, the Museum of the Fine arts of Canada and at the Museum Pierre-Boucher of Trois-Rivières.

Rodolphe Duguay
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