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Titian died on August 26th

Flora, 1515, Oil on canvas

Flora, Oil on canvas 1515

Diane et Actéon
Allégorie conjugale- huile sur toile -1530

Conjugal allegory - 1530 - oil on canvas

            Diane and Actaeon Oil - on canvas - 1559

Viziano Vecellio, more commonly known as Titian, is an Italian painter and engraver of the Venetian school, author of an important pictorial work.

With its ability to bring out the character traits, Titian is one of the great portrait painters of the Renaissance. His art represents the summit of the painting of the sixteenth century. It opens the way to a technique where the material and color override the line.

Pursuing the techniques developed by Giorgione, Titian develops and brings to a record high, the art of the glaze, this fine light colored varnish layer that traps the light of the underlying layers.

He perpetuates the chromatic richness that distinguishes Venetian art from the rest of Italy. The result is portraits of an incomparable natural accompanied by
great finesse of psychological analysis. He painted the nude with a sensuality that long made the delight of travelers in Italy. Special rooms were reserved for the private contemplation of these disturbing paintings.

In 1516 Titian is 28 years old. He is already considered an exceptional artist and enjoys unprecedented popularity. He is appointed official painter of the Ducal Palace. As such, he will be responsible for painting all the portraits of the successive doges until 1555.
Titian wins the favor of the rulers of Europe. In 1545, he answers the Vatican's call. He worked in Rome for a year, painting the portrait of Pope Paul III and working for the Farnese family. He took advantage of his stay to study the masterpieces of Michelangelo and Raphael.

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