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Tom Thompson was born on August  5th

The Jack Pine 1916

Canadian painter, Thomson was born in 1877 in Claremont, Ontario.
Without having been officially a member of  the Groupe of Seven, Thompson is recognized to have strongly influenced the Group created by young Canadian artists who rejected the European tradition, which was then translated in Canada, in an aspect much too academic.

The members of the Group of Seven, very early, assert representing the National School of Canada.  According to them, the wild nature of the country requires to be represented in a more audacious and stronger style; in much more lively colors than the classic landscape painter of Europe.

By its creative power, and its capacity to transcribe in its works the grand landscapes of the North of the Ontario, Thompson is the most symbolic painter of this school.

Tom Thomson, joins the circle of friends as early as 1913, but his premature death in 1917 prevents him from being officially a member of the group which will be created only in March, 1920.

The work of Thompson reflects the combined influences of the Art nouveau, the Arts and Crafts movement and Post impressionism, as well as the work of some the artist's friends of the Scandinavian contemporary painting scene.
In July, 1917, in the Algonquian Ontarian provincial park, Thompson dies in a canoe accident,  the causes of which were never cleared up.

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